• Asphalting the road of saint Nouhra church.


    Upon the request of Greek orthodox parish council, The ministry of public work and transportation asphalted the road of saint Nouhra church.

  • Municipal waste

    As a preliminary sustainable solution, the municipality signed a contract with a specialized company to collect the solid municipal waste and transfer it out of Koura district.

  • Water network

    This topic is not part of the authority of the municipal council. Nevertheless, we followed up the implementation of the all the steps of the project. Our goal is to solve the deep-rooted problem of the water in Kafaraka in a sustained manner.
    The project has been satisfactorily completed but we are still working to improve the losses of pressure in some sections of the village.

  • Hydrogeological study

    The municipality conducted a water survey study for Kafaraka. The aim is to identify the location of the best available reserve of underground water in the village.






  • Road Maintenances

    The roads were in very bad condition since long time. The reasons are related to:

    1. The executing of new projects
    2.  The lack of coordination between the contractors
    3. Absence of maintenance since long ago

    The Main road Kafaraka – Basrama is according to the Lebanese law under the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Works. The mayor sent a letter in July 2016 to His Excellency the Minister of Public Works wishing to pave the road. Unfortunately no action was implemented.

    With the new government, the municipality reiterated its request to His Excellency the Minister of Public Works. The municipal council is still waiting for the final decision of His Excellency.
    At the beginning of the spring 2017, the Municipal Council decided to repair and maintain the road at its expense in order to improve the situation to an acceptable level.
    The project was implemented in May, noting that the current situation still not meeting our standard. The Municipal Council is working hard to continuously improve the condition.

  • The secondary Roads


    The condition, after the maintenance that was done in May 2017, is slightly improved. We are planning to continuously improve the road condition after completing the executing of the waste water project.
    The secondary road in Talaa was asphalted completely in July 2017. The Unions of koura municipalities in cooperation with Kafaraka municipality conducted the work.

  • Survey of the Syrian refugees


    In order to preserve the security of the village and the human rights of the Syrian refugees, the municipality has conducted a comprehensive survey of all the Refugees in Kafaraka.
    The Municipality asked Kafaraka residents to report any changes that may occur.

  • Kafaraka security

    In order to improve the security in the village, a two night guards were added to the security team. A new transportation facility was bought to improve the condition.

  • Street lighting

    The Municipality has maintained most of the street lighting poles. Noting that, the Municipality is looking to improve the quality and intensity of the lighting street system.

  • New techniques to fight the harmful insects

    The municipality has introduced modern techniques and equipment for fighting harmful insects and bugs. The results will be evaluated periodically in order to continuously improve the condition.

  • Agricultural and Cultural Seminars

    The municipality launched a series of agricultural and cultural Seminars to spread the knowledge and improve the agricultural production. The participation and the interest of the people in the workshops were still below the required level.

  • Maintenance for the water channel




































    A support walls were constructed to eliminate the overflow of water during the winter season. In addition to that maintenance for the channel was conducted to minimize the overflow of the waste water from neighboring village in the summer season.

  • Municipality website

    The website aims to increase the level of communication between the
    municipality of Kafaraka and residents of the village, locally and