• Storm water Network

    The Municipality is preparing a study to maintain and develop the rainwater drainage. The Implementation will begin in accordance with Lebanese standards immediately after the completion of the sewage project

  • New Roads network in Kafaraka

    The project was approved by the municipal council in 2003. In addition to that an official decree was published by the Lebanese government in the same year. Unfortunately, all roads were published under one decree. The condition now is very complicated. Many meetings were conducted to minimize the negative impact of the implementation of the decree. Unfortunately we could not succeed to find a solution.
    Based on the above information, the Municipal Council decided to split the implementation of the decree into several parts. We hopes to cooperate in a productive and open way with the concerned habitants for the benefit and the future of Kafaraka

  • Children playgrounds

    The Municipality has prepared a complete and detailed project for the construction of playgrounds for children in the town. Unfortunately, the municipality does not own any lands for implementing the project. A discussion is opened with the Orthodox Church to implement it in the plot of Saint Nouhra.
    The file and request were submitted and still waiting for the answer, noting that the UNICEF showed some interest about supporting the project.