In the beginning of the 20th century, only some individual efforts were detected. The teachers were coming from Tripoli. Mr Moussa Al Hamati and Mr. Daoud assisted by Mr. Joanna Nicolas Saad from Kafaraka. The school was located in the house of the late Wadih Matar.

After the World War I, the priests of Kafaraka , Saba Khalil Saba and Rashid Fayyad took the personal initiative to teach the children the basic knowledge of Arabic language.

Well along, an association named “Women’s Renaissance association” and the Orthodox Church played a leading role in the process of increasing the level of education in the village.

After the Lebanese independence, the official schools raised the level of education in Kafaraka.

Today, in addition to public schools, Kafaraka has a high school, a private institute (Freddie Atallah Institute), and a private university, “the American University of Culture and Education”.

In the beginning of the 21th century Kafaraka had one of the highest levels of educated people in Lebanon.