Teachers’ Day

On the occasion of the teacher’s day , the municipality council of Kafaraka visited all the public and private schools in the village. The objective was to felicitate the teachers and celebrate with them this special event.

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Christmas Parade

With the participation of a crowd of people from all ages, the orthodox youth movement in Kfaraaka has organized a Christmas parade on December 23rd with more than 25 characters musicians and of course Santa Claus. The parade started from st. George church passing by the whole parts of the village including the municipality and st. Elias church until the Christmas village at ramyeh street where a comic show for children was presented. Photos and souvenirs were taken with Santa and the participants

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Gregorian Event

Invited by the municipality of Kfaraaka the youth orthodox movement organized a Gregorian evening held by a group of chanters and the students of musical school in the parish on Thursday December 21st in the Christmas village in Kfaraaka ramyeh with the presence of father Emilianos Youssef, the president of the municipality mr. Elias Sassine and a crowd of parishioners. The evening was diversified with some readings and spiritual songs.

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Street naming and numbering

Addresses are important as they give the public a way of locating and referencing properties. The labeling is considered as the mirror of the development of urban communities
The Municipal Council has completed a comprehensive study of the naming and numbering of streets and houses in Kafaraka according to international standards.
The first part includes naming and numbering of the streets was accomplished in October 2017.
The second part includes the numbering of all the buildings in the village will be accomplished by May 2018.
The project of street and house numbering aims to organize and facilitate visiting Kafaraka and postal work.

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The municipal council supervises the execution of the sewage project in Dahr al Mazraa, Asfoura and Al-Talaa .
As for the other parts in Kafaraka, the municipality studied with experts from the Ministry of Energy and water, the condition of the actual sewage networks. In summary the majority of the sewage network doses not conform to Lebanese standards and specifications. The study expects that the most of the existing networks will become sources of unpleasant odors and insects in a period not exceeding five years
Accordingly, the municipality of Kafaraka undertook a comprehensive study to modernize the sewage network in the town. The Ministry of water and energy approved the plan prepared by the municipality. The project includes the entire network in the village and the valleys. We expect in the near future to start the executing of the project scientifically and correctly.
Our expectation is to solve the problem of the waste water for the coming 50 years.


The municipality of Kafaraka with the cooperation of North Water Authority repaired and maintained the electrical panel of the water well pump in December 2017. The municipality of Kafaraka is expecting to conduct the test of the pump in the beginning of 2018.