Street naming and numbering

Addresses are important as they give the public a way of locating and referencing properties. The labeling is considered as the mirror of the development of urban communities The Municipal Council has completed a comprehensive study of the naming and numbering of streets and houses in Kafaraka according to international standards. The first part includes […]

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Community News

The mother’s day 2018

On the occasion of the Mother’s day, the municipality of Kafaraka organized a celebration ceremony. More than 400 invited individuals participated in the event. The famous actress Wafaa Taraby, the media star Rima Noujeim and the star Lorine Kdaih participated in the ceremony. During the celebration , Mrs Evon Abou Farah was honored as one […]

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Festival 2017 second day

On Saturday the 19th of August 2017, Kafaraka held the last day of the yearly festival, by an exceptional show with the Lebanese Multi-platinium singer Najwa Karam. The show started with a fantastic performance by the singer Hadi Khalil. More Photos

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Alain Moussa

Alain Moussa is the Top 1 at Arab Shooting Championship. The municipality of Kafaraka congratulates Alain for this great achievement.  

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